The boys are at home today because their school is closed for disinfection.
Yes, it’s… THE GASTRO… da da dum
I got a call yesterday – in the middle of lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in months – asking me to collect the kids no later than 2:30, since there weren’t enough healthy daycare workers to keep students after school. According to the school secretary, more than 50 kids are home sick, and the school is rapidly running out of teachers.
When I got to the school, I found…
~ the principal, whose face was a lovely shade of green, clutching her stomach and saying “I can’t believe I have to drive home” over and over;
~ the day care administrator also clutching her stomach and running down the hall;
~ a guy, wearing a white mask and rubber gloves.
So this is what it’s like to be in a Michael Crichton book.

2 Replies to “Outbreak!”

  1. I know this is a late comment, but I’m just getting caught up. Bruce and I were both hit with that bug a couple of weeks before Christmas, so we deeply sympathize with anyone going through it. That really ought to be a once-in-a-lifetime bug, ’cause it’s so bad.

  2. Thankfully, we personally weren’t hit, despite the large number of people affected at the boys’ school. We lived in a state of anxiety for a few days, expecting to get it, and over-reacting to every sniffle and cough, but we came through unscathed.
    From what we saw though, it really was a doozy, so I feel for you! Glad to hear you’re both all better now.

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