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Postcard from the Cotswolds (belated)


1. Robert rides Cobweb, a lovely old man who was very patient with our boys.
2. The sheep - it wouldn't be the Cotswolds without them. You'll note that it's lambing time.
3. Colin on Cobweb.
4. Nicole and Adam's herd come galloping in for some hay.
5. Robert looming large in the model village at Bourton-on-the-Water.
6. Colin rides Ben, who is magnificent, despite a rather bad hair cut.
7. Colin rides Adam. Thank goodness he's wearing a helmet.

Imagine if I drove an SUV

Many people have been asking about the relative cost of living in the UK. The best example I can find of how good we have it here in Canada is this:

It costs me about 45$ to fill my tank at a gas station in Montreal.
In the UK, outside London, the same amount of gas would cost me about 103$.

Granted, one's UK salary would be higher - but not proportionally. The daily pay for a school teacher outside London is about 90 pounds, or just over 200$. In the Montreal area, that teacher would make about 120$ a day. So gas is 2.3X more expensive, but the salary is only 1.7X higher.

I hate math.

Postcard from London

london copy.jpg

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