Happiness is a dancing puppy

another semester put away
So the good news is that I submitted the last of my final grades this afternoon.
The bad news is that I cannot, technically, breathe, thanks to the cold my body has elected to spring upon me, now that I have time to be sick.
The middling news is that I officially have two back-up sections of continuing education for the winter semester. I won’t know my real fate until after registration in the second week of January.
In the meantime, however, I’ll be concentrating on holiday baking, cooking, catching up on laundy, and knitting a whackload of last-minute presents (and yes, “whackload” is indeed the collective noun for last-minute presents)…
…Oh, and researching and writing a literature review for my M.Ed. course…
…and blowing my nose.
Stupid sinuses.

The density of cats

So I can’t use my wireless mouse at home because Heidi sits between the mousepad and the receiver and blocks the signal with her big furry butt.

One down…

Classes ended Tuesday!!
I just submitted final marks for one of my four courses.
Long-time readers will know what I mean when I say – tell the dog to start warming up.