Summertime blogging

One day I will write again, I promise. In the meantime, have a nice cold glass of iced tea and relax. That’s what I’m doing.

The Great Halifax Airport Debacle

The fog situation in Halifax is so bad it’s making the national news. The airport authority decided to compound the inconveniences caused by a rash of recent and ongoing construction with repairs and testing of its state-of-the-art fog navigation system. Mother Nature, however, decided to wreak havoc and sent a whole lotta fog, and then some, to the region, beginning the day before Alison’s wedding.
I flew into Halifax a week before the wedding, ostensibly to “help out” but really to be there for the bachelorette. Weather-wise, Halifax was hot and steamy when I arrived, and my flight was uneventful.
Dr. T., who had to work, booked his flight for the Friday before the wedding, aka Canada Day.
What was supposed to happen
1. Friday, 09:15: Dr. T. leaves Montreal, and arrives in Halifax at 11:45
2. Friday afternoon: lounge around and relax
3. Saturday morning: more relaxing, showering, shaving, etc.
4. Saturday afternoon: Alison and I do the bridal hair thing while Dr. T. and John and John’s posse decorate the hall
5. Saturday, 6:30: the wedding, followed by the reception (see photos, in case you missed them before)
6. Sunday, noon: Dr. T. flies home
7. Sunday, 19:05: Maggie flies home
Also, at some point on Sunday, my Mum, the designated babysitter, brings Colin and Robert home.
What really happened

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As requested, more pictures

Maggie the dog
Maggie the dog, who did not like my camera, but who nonetheless posed for me in Ariel’s garden.
Our very good friend Ariel is playing host to a few pre-wedding get-togethers, not to mention housing Alison’s brother Cameron, his wife Paula, and their myriad offspring. Ariel has a beautiful house, filled with books and art and plants and dogs and cats. Alison has helped Ariel put together an amazing garden – I hope I did it justice!
Yesterday, Alison and I headed off to Dartmouth (which, from what Alison tells me, is to Haligonians what Toronto is to Montrealers) to see Donna the esthetician. Ariel treated Alison to a full pedicure and manicure. We were going to have her tail bobbed, too, but we ran out of time 😉