Maybe I dreamed it

So on Thursday, I bought a new printer at Future Shop:
Me: I’m looking for an Epson multi-function that I saw on your web site.
FS Guy: You want to know the price?
Me: No, I know the price, I want the machine. It’s marked down from $99 to $59.
FS Guy: [points to $250 machine] Is this it?
Me: Um, no. $59.
FS Guy: I guess we don’t have that one.
Me: Yes, you do. I checked online, and you have it at this location. That’s why I’m here.
FS Guy: [turning around and practically tripping on actual model] Is this it?
Me: Yes! Thanks.
FS Guy: [as I pick up my own box, and as box underneath falls on my foot] … [walks away]
The weirdest part? He didn’t try to sell me an extended warranty. Not even a little bit. Which was a little disappointing, because I had my whole tirade ready.

Taking another byte

I spent most of my day today setting this up in time for the fall semester – which is only nine days away now!
I couldn’t resist the turtle…
As always, feedback is welcome. I’m particularly interested in hearing how colours appear on other monitors.

Home, sweet home (page)

I’m back, both physically and virtually. We lost our domain for a couple of days, but all has been sorted.
I left Halifax in the wee hours this morning, and I’ve been home (!!!) for a few hours now, just kind of wandering around the house revelling in being here. Thanks to my intrepid brother, both my car and my cat were waiting for me upon my arrival. Heidi and I are getting reacquainted, and since groceries are in order, I’ll be in touch with the car soon.
There are still many photos from Halifax and environs to come – for now, please enjoy these photos from our whale-watching expedition:

What? You don’t see anything?
Yes, dear readers, I went whale-watching with Samuel Beckett, apparently. Over two hours on a converted lobster boat, getting so much salt in my hair that I actually had to lather, rinse and repeat, and not one whale.
Nor did we see any dolphins.
Or fish of any description, other than a trapped ocean perch.
No harbour seals, either.
And when they pulled up the lobster trap, in a last valiant effort to find us something to look at, no lobster.
So we saw: one ocean perch, one rock crab, and two white crabs, all of whom were trapped in the lobster trap – which was located in the actual harbour, about five minutes from the dock.
This is not to say that the expedition was not worthwhile – it was great to be in a small, low boat in the vast expanse of sea, and if nothing else, it was very entertaining to watch the tour guide get more and more frantic about finding stuff for us to look at. For instance, he pointed out “Whale Back Rock,” and a lovely flock of cormorants. I can’t imagine what he would have done if the lobster trap had been empty.

Touring Halifax

Yesterday I visited the Fairview cemetery, which is the final resting place of 121 victims of the Titanic disaster. I’ve posted a few pictures and accompanying explanations over on my flickr site.