From the waist down, I’m very happy.*
I set out today, with the world’s greatest mother-in-law in tow, to find a pair of really good walking sandals for the upcoming trip to New Orleans.** Prior to departure (to the shoe stores) I did some research into good walking sandals, then off we went.
Well, I tried on North Face sandals. I tried on Rockport sandals. I tried on Ecco sandals. I tried on Merrell sandals. I tried on Mephisto sandals – and man, if I were a rich man… but I’m not.
Then I went to Winner’s and bought myself a pair of men’s boxer briefs. They’re the antidote to the flippy skirt thong. I went into the mall toilet, changed, and continued shopping.
Eventually, I found a great pair of sandals from Merrell – they look kinda like this, but not quite. I knew they were the right pair when I put them on and immediately felt better. I nearly kissed the sales guy. My feet are happy.
Better yet, the underwear is amazing. The waist is comfortable, the leg is comfortable and doesn’t cut into my thigh, and nothing rides up! This is the perfect underwear to wear under skirts, and I’m betting it’ll keep my butt a little warmer in deepest winter, too. So from now on, thongs or men’s boxer briefs, and nothing else.
*Actually, I’m pretty happy from the waist up, too, given that the world’s greatest m-in-l has just handed me my second spiced rum ‘n’ Coke.
**What? I didn’t mention the trip to New Orleans? oops! Nutshell: Dr. T., me, New Orleans, 10 days, leaving July 28, NO KIDS, bring on the blackened fish and the swamp tour, baby!

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