If former PMs can return from the dead*, so can I

I haven’t posted in decades because (a) I’ve been very distracted by Facebook, (b) I’ve been even more distracted by Twitter [<3 evrthng n 140 chrctrs. Brv = soul of wit] and (c) recent changes in our computer set-up at home mean that I cannot, techically, see my own blog. For a few months, I though no one else could, either, but apparently I was mistaken.
The current post is just a promissory note; a longer post on the educational reform in Quebec is in the offing, and barring any further distraction/technical difficulties will be posted anon.
*another in my long list of reasons the Internet is a wonderful thing: inside jokes with dead politicians.

4 Replies to “If former PMs can return from the dead*, so can I”

  1. In case you’re wondering, I still can’t see my own blog on my home computer. I’m commenting now using my phone. The IT department (a.k.a. Dr. T) will be hearing from me.

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