And you thought I wasn’t up to much this fall…

Along with a full-time course load in the day section and a continuing education course this fall, I managed to squeeze in yet another M.Ed. course. This one, ‘Constructing Knowledge in Your Discipline,’ was intended to help us transfer some of the theoretical stuff we’ve been looking at to more practical, discipline-specific knowledge.
As with the other M.Ed. courses, we were asked to maintain a journal along the way; unlike past courses, I didn’t post the journal this time, mainly because I felt the entries were too closely related to the research I was doing for the literature review. But since I just submitted the review, as well as the final journal entry, it occurred to me that I should post the entries, as well as the review itself, just in case anyone’s interested.
Also, this post should bump the bat down the page for the benefit of those who are tired of looking at it.
So, without further ado:
Journal I: Beginning the research process
Journal II: Learning in my discipline
Journal III: Mapping the Learning Process
Journal IV: Reflections on the Research Process
Literature Review: Formative Feedback and Learning in the English Classroom
There will be a test, so remember to take good notes 😉

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