Bear with me

Still getting used to the new Moveable Type set-up… my primary goal here is to eliminate the thousands of comment spammers who leave their mark all over my stuff. Eventually, I’ll be able to turn my attention to actual design.
In the meantime, if you do comment and find that it takes ages for your comment to appear, you’ll be happy to know that (a) I’ll publish you ASAP, (b) we’re working on it, and (c) if all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to comment and publish simultaneously, as soon as we get one of those image-recognition thingies installed.

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  1. Ah, there you are. This is much better; for the past year I’ve not been able to look at your comment section. No idea why. Vicki, same ISP, same computer system, same wireless, saw them just fine.
    Now that I have you on the line, so to speak, I’ve heard that the former Eaton’s 9th floor restaurant is again open. Is this a true rumor? I loved to dine there when I was a kid. It was a yearly treat with my mom, who was a waitress there in the 1930s.
    ps I had that miserable virus in October. Utterly miserable is the best description.

  2. grrrr test THREE
    Oh, and Hi Bruce! Nice to hear from you! I hadn’t heard anything about the Eaton’s restaurant, but since the building has pretty much been gutted, I’d be surprised. I will, of course, investigate.

  3. Thanks, Bruce – although since I’ve blitzed through about a dozen stylesheets since last night, I’m not sure which look you’re referring to 😉
    Anyway, just finished a whole lotta copy-pasting to see if I can get the comment captcha thing (the security code at the bottome of the comment form) to do its thing… keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Hey Vinny,
    yes, there appears to be a captcha – but it doesn’t actually do much. If you enter the correct code, it should automatically publish your comment. If you don’t, your comment is supposed to be junked. So far, neither of these things is happening.
    Today, however, I have more important things to worry about, namely, my hair appointment. The blog, she must wait for the weekend.

  5. Viagara just 6.99!
    Vicodin ES just 4.75!
    Plus get insider stock tips on Aerorom Metal Co. Up .075!!!
    Sorry…I couldn’t resist:)
    Everything’s looking good though.

  6. Well, that nearly got you permanently banned!
    Actually, until I got the third line, I was thinking that the spammers had figured out how to masquerade as frequent commenters…

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