A hair-razing experience

Today, Dr. T and two of his colleagues Shaved to Save. The company matched their fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar, and every penny goes to fund breast cancer research.
In other news, we’re right in the middle of another renovation, which means my home office is useless, and my blogging motivation has lagged as a result. I am taking pictures as the project moves forward, so eventually the whole saga will be posted.
Meanwhile, back to the correcting!

My post.*

Throughout history, people have written things down because it was important and crucial to do it. But one has to ask themselves, what kind of things were they writing down? In this post, we will examine closely this question.
Firstival**, there is many different ways to write things down. Pen, pencil, computer, to name a few. Back in the day, people didn’t have computers and sometimes pens, so they were forced to write on walls or parchment. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, parchment is “The skin of a sheep or goat prepared as a material on which to write or paint.” This quote clearly shows that there is many ways to write things down.
Secondly, as I have already mentioned, what kind of things were they writing down? Clearly this is a very important and crucial question to ask, because of it’s answer. George Orwell, the famous author, stated that people wrote for four reasons. The first reason people write is that they are egomaniacs. “Sheer egoism.” As Orwell’s quote shows, people write because of their egos. Also sometimes people write because its beautiful, or because its history or political purpose.
In conclusion, this is a difficult question: why do people write? As we have seen, sometimes they write on parchment, and sometimes they write for four reasons. Whatever the reason, people write, and will continue to write until the end of the world as we know it, or maybe even more. The question remains, what do people read?
*inspired by reading too many essays in one sitting, and the wonderful comments from commiserating friends and colleagues. Oh, and Orwell really did say we write out of a sense of ego, aesthetics, history or politics.
**while this essay as a whole is simply modeled on some of our favourite student habits, this word actually appeared in a student essay. I kid you not.