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Meet the happiest man in Montreal

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Yes, Pierre Bourque may be the man behind the unpopular one-island-one-city mergers. Yes, he may look a lot like The Penguin. But at least he's not the out-of-touch hegemonic whackjob responsible for this.

It's beginning to look a lot like the end of the semester


What I did this weekend:

~ took Robert to ballet
~ prepared the menu for the coming week
~ based on said menu, prepared the grocery list
~ shopped
~ went to Indigo and knocked at least six names off the present list
~ went to TB's birthday party
~ went with Dina and her MIL to a fair trade fair and knocked a few more names off the list
~ invented a new version of my MIL's cheese and onion bread pudding

...oh, and corrected 52 essays.

What I did not do this weekend:

~ laundry
~ get enough sleep
~ see Casino Royale
~ endear myself to my family.

Three more weeks!

More from Mitchell & Webb


Warning: occasional use of the "F" word (but worth it).

Part 2
Part 3
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Maggie of the 1,000 days



Yay, me.

I quit smoking 1,000 days ago

Now that is a strange dream

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Robert's music teacher is teaching the kids the anti-war song "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream." Robert's favourite part is the verse about 'the unicorns all splattered on the ground.'


Mackay happy to let sleeping dogs lie


Former flame Belinda Stronach? She's a dog (granted, he's still in denial about that one).

Fellow Nova Scotian MP and former NDP leader Alexa McDonough? She should "stick to her knitting."

So, you ask, what does our quick-witted, silver-tongued Foreign Affairs Minister have to say about the Saddam Hussein verdict?

"I think it would be pre-emptive to be passing any judgments or making any firm public declarations," is what.

Now, is it just me, or does that response reek of "we're waiting to see what kind of response we can come up with that the Americans will like but that won't make Canadians gag"? Or maybe it's a stall, and we'll give a response after the American elections.

Perhaps I'm just a dogged knitter with my knickers in a twist, but it seems to me that we need a Foreign Minister who (a) understands why you're not supposed to make remarks that many, many, MANY people will find offensive, (b) can recognize that references to female politicians as either knitters or Setters are among those remarks, (c) is grown-up and professional enough to admit that s/he's messed up, without blaming it on his/her grandmother (the knitting remark) or denying it altogether despite evidence on tape and sworn affidavits to the contrary (the dog reference), and (d) is confident in his/her postition as the person who's supposed to know all about all the foreign stuff to comment on something pretty frickin major, foreign-wise.

There - I've said my piece, and I can get back to my plot to take over the country knitting.

And in other news

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Tom Moore
My little brother has just been named as one of the players representing Concordia on the provincial all-star rugby team.

Your Sunday message

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via Shatnerian (ta!)

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