A good weekend

Ticket inventory, Friday = 0.
Ticket inventory, Monday = 3
The (new) Cars & Blondie, June 23, for my birthday.
Just for Laughs gala with host John Cleese, July 22, for our anniversary.
Just for Laughs gala with host TBA, July 19, for his birthday.
(According to the Gazette, the TBA host is a “high, high profile Scot.” We’re thinking Billy Connoly, ’cause, really, who else is there? Sean Connery? Rod Stewart?)
And when I called Mum to talk about the upcoming Easter weekend, she offered to take the boys away on Saturday, as long as we promised to retrieve them on Sunday. A night out! No babysitting fees! Easter geek night, here we come!*
And the weather was lovely, so we walked to Atwater Market, found black onion seeds and fenugreek at the Douceurs du Marche, played at the playground across the street, and walked home.
Yes, good weekend.
*If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of geek night, it’s exactly what it sounds like. TB hosts, with many yummy treats provided by his better half, and we watch a small sampling of his vast collection of geeky TV and movie fare. Throw in a little booze, a lot of geeks, and an endless stream of witty banter and deconstructive commentary, and you have the picture.