He’s already as tall as Capote

Yesterday, Colin started writing a novel.
He read me the introduction, in which the narrator and his brother, Robert, encounter a half-woman, half-cat creature. He then announced that the book will have about thirteen chapters, with no more than one picture per chapter. Also, he’s decided he is going to be an author when he grows up (for those of you just joining us, Colin is 8 years old).
He told me that this ambition is why he loves to read: through reading, he can “learn the rhythm of books.”
“The rhythm of books” !!!
Naturally, I have to record these thoughts so they’re on record somewhere when biographers are looking for material in a few years.

8 Replies to “He’s already as tall as Capote”

  1. Sounds like 8 years old going on 50! You have one interesting son, there!
    Actually, you have 2 interesting sons, there…

  2. Well, to keep things in perspective, his Introduction is one paragraph long. On the other hand, he has declared that he will write a little every day – he obviously has more discipline than his mum!

  3. A one-paragraph Introduction is still an introduction! If he writes only one paragraph per chapter, it will still be a book. Wonderful!
    “Rhythm of books”–a writer’s heart and soul could come up with that.

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