In the absence of actual, substantial, thoughtful reviews, may I offer the following bullet points:
Recommended! Jasper Fforde’s The Big Over Easy. Great book, fun to read, accessible, especially if you grew up with traditional English nursery rhymes, even more so if you’re into detective fiction.
Worth a look Bill Bryson’s Made in America. Follow-up to his history of the English language in the mother country, this one looks at the evolution of American English. A former Brit living in the States, Bryson has personal experience as well as exhaustive research on his side. Gets a little repetitive and cursory at times. Definitely not as fun to read as A Short History of Nearly Everything, but not trash.
Worth a look The IT Crowd. Newish UK sitcom. Geek humour – is there anything better?
Recommended! Schick’s Intuition razor. I’ve already converted Dina and my sister to the cause. No gel! No foam! No ouchies! It’s fast, it’s painless, it’s shower-friendly and entirely manual (no power, therefore no power source required). Buy one and shave, dammit. You look like a gorilla.
Not even at gun point. Maybelline’s new Lash Stylist mascara with the comb applicator. It sucks.

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  1. Yes, the Schick razor is great but friggiddy the refills are pricey!!!11$ for three!! They will last me the year though… (I am not as hairy as some of you may be..)

  2. Well, I figure the refills are not much more than buying the gel or foam or whatever, and there’s no aerosol can to throw out when you’re done.

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