Regular readers, if there are any, will note that I’m back after a day or two of hiatus. This was not deliberate – we think the cat, or possibly the kids, severed our connection. As a result, our IP was changed, and it took a while to get everything back on-line.
And, after all that, this is the only new post. Was it worth the wait?

U can make a difference

In today’s Gazette, Bill Brownstein’s column is devoted to examining the excesses of well-to-do pet owners. Apparently one can purchase booties for one’s dog, to protect against the cold and mess of winter.
Said booties feature “rubber souls.”
Meanwhile, in Iowa, the Democratic hopefuls are campaigning non-stop. In an article from the New York Times, Diane Cardwell reports on how the lack of sleep is affecting the various candidates.
The Gazette reprinted the article – I’m not sure which venerable journal was responsible for the questionable hyphenation.
John Kerry, it seems, “is alternately on-point or irritable, sometimes miss-peaking…”

F*%&$ Cold

It’s -40.
Not including the wind chill.
That’s -40.
Regardless of scale.
I hear it’s only -29 C in Montreal…


Well, after months of saying “y’know, we should really do this,” we’ve finally done it. Thanks to Moveable Type, Andrew, and Steve, my blog has a new home.
This is a week filled with movement – not only has my blog been relocated, but I am writing this very entry in my cozy new office! I’ve moved upstairs, so I’m now with the rest of the English department, and I have the office to myself.
My first day of teaching is tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve been hauling books upstairs, washing desks and shelves, dismantling ancient PCs to make room for my laptop, and, when I have a minute or two, planning my courses.
More later!!

Attention, Mile-High clubbers!

Scrap your plans for the orgy at 30,000.
The US Transportation Security Administration, like many kindergarten teachers, has decided that inflight, we can only go to the bathroom one at a time. Yes, that’s right – the USTSA “are now requiring that passengers on flights to the U.S. are not to congregate in groups in any areas of the aircraft, especially around lavatories,” according to one airline spokesperson.
Sounds like prom night. I bet the USTSA would kick you right off the plane if they found that flask of Southern Comfort in your pocket.

Happy New Year!

Well, the hollerdays, as Colin calls them, are over, and a new year just begun. We had a wonderful family-oriented Christmas, with lots of visiting and prezzies and snow(!). Now, Dr. T and the kids are back to the usual grind, and I’m enjoying one more week at home before reprising my Lennoxville routine…

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