U can make a difference

In today’s Gazette, Bill Brownstein’s column is devoted to examining the excesses of well-to-do pet owners. Apparently one can purchase booties for one’s dog, to protect against the cold and mess of winter.
Said booties feature “rubber souls.”
Meanwhile, in Iowa, the Democratic hopefuls are campaigning non-stop. In an article from the New York Times, Diane Cardwell reports on how the lack of sleep is affecting the various candidates.
The Gazette reprinted the article – I’m not sure which venerable journal was responsible for the questionable hyphenation.
John Kerry, it seems, “is alternately on-point or irritable, sometimes miss-peaking…”

4 Replies to “U can make a difference”

  1. The fact that they have given Brownstein a daily column just illustrates how low The Gazette is falling. I swear it sucks worse with each passing day.

  2. For now they’re settling for emotional p0rn – children playing in fountains, dogs frisking in autumn leaves.
    God, I remember the day they had a huge front-page picture of kids playing with a major news event reported in a column one-quarter the size under the fold…

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