Well, after months of saying “y’know, we should really do this,” we’ve finally done it. Thanks to Moveable Type, Andrew, and Steve, my blog has a new home.
This is a week filled with movement – not only has my blog been relocated, but I am writing this very entry in my cozy new office! I’ve moved upstairs, so I’m now with the rest of the English department, and I have the office to myself.
My first day of teaching is tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve been hauling books upstairs, washing desks and shelves, dismantling ancient PCs to make room for my laptop, and, when I have a minute or two, planning my courses.
More later!!

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  1. Novelties and improvements may or may not be part of the long-term plan. Watch this space 😉
    In the meantime, I’m struggling to get my Blogger archives moved over.

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