The thought that woke me up this morning

Forty or so years from now, will we be surfing through a slew of websites with names like “Granny’s Blog?” Will commenters have to gently tell posters “um, you’ve already told us this. Six times.”?
When my grandmother was no longer able to live alone and we moved her into the ‘Villa,’ my dad mentioned the idea of a computer – we have friends and family across the country, and it might be nice for her to have e-mail capabilities. The answer was an emphatic “no.” She has a phone, and a large TV, and her newspapers, so she’s in touch.
My parents, on the other hand, are both computerized (I don’t mean that they’re robots. I have no proof of that.). So when the time comes that one or both of them need the kind of living arrangement that my grandmother has, I assume we’re going to have to make sure there’s a DSL connection in the room.
When it’s my turn, my antique laptop computer will no doubt be a source of amusement for the strapping young orderlies, whom I’ll probably bore to tears with my tales of yesteryear, when we thought OC-768 was the height of technology.
“It used to take upwards of five minutes to download a file that big, in my day. Now, about that sponge bath…”

I have a dream – a kinky dream

Ok, so I’m cleaning up the comment spam that’s accumulated of late, and one of the newest rat bastard spammers is flooding my site with links to pictures of naked male celebrities – including Martin Luther King.
Welcome to 2005, ladies.

Yes, Virginia, there is a part number

I inadvertently checked my cel phone voice mail yesterday and found a message from my friendly technician, who called to say that the ass/elbow crew finally figured it all out, and the part has been ordered!
Now all we have to do is wait for the part to arrive, then for FS to contact me to tell me…
I bet I have a working screen by, oh, 2005!! Woohoo!


MT Blacklist rocks, yes – but one of the blacklisted urls is – which means that anyone whose address is [name][at],, etc., has had their comments inadvertantly eradicated. Sorry Bill, Caroline, and the rest of you!
I have removed the url from my list, and would suggest others do the same. Also, if you happen to be perusing past comments and wonder what some of us are babbling about, chances are there’s a comment that’s been dumped. We’re not known for our non-sequiturs round here, I can tell you.

This post has nothing to do with NOLA

Anyone familiar with Movabletype 3?
I’ve been having significant problems with comment spam, and I get the impression that it’s easier to control with MT 3. On the other hand, I’m not convinced it’s worth the hassle, if there is one, of upgrading.
Is anyone using MT3? Has anyone used it and given up? Or does anyone have other suggestions for dealing with the spamming?