Blog, blog, blog

Believe it or not, I’ve been working steadily on the site – granted, no recent entries, but I’ve been salvaging archives, tweaking the template, and adding and editing links on the student resource pages.
Work, work, work…
I’m sitting in my office (did I mention, yay!!) gazing across the snow-covered football field, dazzled by the winter sunlight. Cold it may be, but beautiful, too.
The semester is going very well so far – all three of my class groups are responsive and to date, they all seem to be reading the assigned texts. Of course, there’s always that one student whose mission seems to be to make me question myself, the one who sprawls rather than sits, rolls his eyes and mutters, and manages to convey his complete lack of interest and his disdain in a single slouch…
I look forward to grading that paper 😉


Dina wanted new and improved – voila. New, at least. As for improved, feel free to let me know if there are legibilility issues, or if you’re just freaked out by the huge flowers.
Of course, compliments are also welcome, should you have any.