MT Blacklist rocks, yes – but one of the blacklisted urls is – which means that anyone whose address is [name][at],, etc., has had their comments inadvertantly eradicated. Sorry Bill, Caroline, and the rest of you!
I have removed the url from my list, and would suggest others do the same. Also, if you happen to be perusing past comments and wonder what some of us are babbling about, chances are there’s a comment that’s been dumped. We’re not known for our non-sequiturs round here, I can tell you.

10 Replies to “Ooops!”

  1. Ok, a little off-topic here, but I reviewed my list, and removed the blogspot entry – but there’s nothing to explain the rejection of gmail.
    Ehh*, what can you do?
    *‘Ehh’, of course, meaning that little noise we make when shrugging our shoulders and saying things like “What can you do?”

  2. ..and partly orange with no hat…that’s not a frament of some larger lost commentary, I just like saying weird things once in a gecko.

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