They even got the elephants…

I am writing this from a very posh, very plush king-sized bed in a luxury hotel in downtown Montreal, while drinking a third cup of room-service coffee, gazing at a vase of my favourite flowers.
A few months ago, I assigned Dr. T the task of making my 40th birthday a major event, and I recruited Aurora to ‘assist’ him in the task, mainly to ensure that (a) someone who knew what I meant by ‘major’ was involved and (b) specifically, someone who understood that ‘major’ does not mean ‘pinball machine’ was involved.
Well, I could not have chosen better party planners.
Last night, we started with an Ethiopian feast with a group of my nearest and dearest, where we enjoyed great food and I was lavished with prezzies; the meal was topped off with two beautiful and scrumptious cakes – one peaches and cream, and the second spicy chocolate. Then we walked over to the Hotel de la Montagne, where we found my family and more wonderful friends waiting (with yet more prezzies). We drank and chatted and danced, and at 10 o’clock we made our way to the rooftop terrace to watch the fireworks (technically coincidental, but a nice touch, nonetheless). The party went on til we closed the bar, after which Dr. T brought me upstairs to our room (!), furnished with my baby laptop, our wave radio, my clothes for the morning after, and a vase of calla lilies. And the leftover spicy chocolate cake.
I don’t know what I did, in this life or any previous ones, to deserve such fantastic people in my life.
Highlights of the evening:
– Partying with Kuan Yin and Alison, both of whom travelled great distances to share the evening with me (not to mention sharing a lot of wine with me the night before).
– Laughing at my dad, who was essentially mugged by each of my girlfriends in turn when he told them “no kissing” – probably knowing full well that would be taken as a challenge…
– Trying to keep up with my mum, about whom several of my men friends asked questions such as “really? That’s your mother?” and “so, if I were to talk to her, are there any special interests or hobbies I should mention?”
– Hanging out and dancing with my sister, who stayed to help me close the bar and did her best to make sure that I had enough to drink.
– Seeing my Vanier crew, who turned out in great numbers – I don’t have a job, I have an extended family.
– Posing for Irene, the self-appointed event photographer!
– Turning around every five minutes to see yet another familiar, happy face… just when I was thinking everyone had arrived, someone else would turn up.
– Hitting the dance floor, where a twenty-something girl eyed me up and down and said “Oh thank God – another young person!”
In short, I had a wonderful time, and will spend much of the next forty years trying to express my thanks to the A-team (i.e., Aurora and Andrew).

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  1. Maggie, I am SO GLAD to hear you had a wonderful time…sounds like an event you won;t soon forget! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it…just means we’ll have to do lunch or you and your men will have to ome for a BBQ.
    Happy birthday sweetie! And by the way, you don’t have to ask what you did to deserve to such good friends…you’ve earned it by being there for each & everyone of them.

  2. For my 40th, we went to Vegas to do some climbing, I saw three Cirque shows, then headed west to San Francisco/Berkely, and ended up spending a couple days in Napa Valley, doing the wine tours and ending with a meal at the French Laundry.
    Hard to tell who had the better 40th. Yours sounds fantastic as well.

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