It’s not you, it’s me

Every time I sit down and dash off another blog entry, I say to myself “this time it will be different. I will post again. Soon. Like tomorrow.” Then what happens?
Apparently I black out for about a month.
Well, no, of course not. Life, as always, happens, and at the most inopportune moments. Let’s take a look at this week, for instance:
Sunday: spent the afternoon at Laronde with all my boys.
Monday: did a few hours of work on the Cegep a distance project, punctuated wonderfully by lunch with Aurora, and spent some time revising my course package for next fall’s Liberal Arts course.
Tuesday morning: biked to NDG to help Dina move – between the two of us, we moved her queen-size bed & boxspring, not to mention three dressers, two tables, a recliner and, if I remember correctly, a grand piano. Might have been a panda. Something black and white.
Tuesday evening: ate v.g.* Chinese food with Aurora, followed by the Vanier grad – as the Liberal Arts rep, I was part of the platform party, which involves sitting under hot stage lights for a gazillion hours while several people talk about school pride and achievements, standing up to hand DECs to the three Liberal Arts graduates who attended the ceremony, and sitting down again. On stage. Which means hundreds of people will see if you yawn, scratch, slouch, etc.
Wednesday: yet more Cegep a distance stuff, then popped into Vanier to drop off the revised course pack and take care of a few other odds and ends, then had lunch with Aurora (is there a pattern here?), then dashed home to tidy for incoming visitors, then drove off to the boys’ school to collect them, since Colin was away at camp (!) and got back to the school long after the buses left. Got them home, shoved Colin into a much-needed shower, made supper and did another round of tidying in time for the aforementioned visitors.
Thursday: leaped out of bed stupid early and rush off to the plane station to collect Alison and my godson, who are in town to help me celebrate the big day, had breakfast with same + Cam & Paula & Alex, dropped Alison off at her brother’s place, rushed home, put another five hours into the Cegep a distance project, then grabbed my kids and headed off to the school BBQ. Lovely, rainy, damp weather… but excellent turnout, nonetheless, so all’s well, etc.
It’s only Thursday?
Anyway, none of this is really all that time-consuming, but then there’s Facebook and Google chat, not to mention eBay, where I am relisting my Nikon camera for the third time because the guy who “bought” it last week has lost his job and therefore his desire for a camera.
So once again, I am reduced to posting a lengthy post about why I don’t post very often anymore… but this time it will be different. I will post again. Soon. Like tomorrow.
*all the Cegep a distance stuff this week has been analysis of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Find self frequently abbreviating, not to mention v. worried about calories consumed. Am texting like 14-yr-old girl.

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