Off to a good start

Last night was the first class of my Cont. Ed. course, which means I have now taught at least one class of all four of this semester’s courses.
Tuesdays are going to be long days this term; I teach Montreal Writers from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., then I have a really, really long break, and I teach Cracking the Code from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Then I somehow manage to drive home (NB ~ you may want to avoid the Decarie Expressway on Tuesday evenings) and collapse.
Thankfully, I don’t teach at all on Wednesdays, so theoretically I can sleep in and spend the day recuperating. Theoretically.
The real saving grace is that the World’s Greatest Mother-in-Law (TM) is with us until the end of October, and she does things like meet the kids at the bus stop after school and feed the family.
Other than Tuesdays, my schedule this term is really very good; I am home in time to pick up the kids three days out of five, and home in time for supper four days. And the long break on Tuesdays is a pretty good time for correcting and planning, which will come in handy since every single one of my courses is filled to capacity, and at least two of them are overfull.
The students are wonderful (so far), and now that the first class is out of the way for each course, my traditional beginning-of-term tummy butterflies have flown away and I am really enjoying the classes.
Now all I have to do is try to match 138 student faces to their names…

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