Maybe I dreamed it

So on Thursday, I bought a new printer at Future Shop:
Me: I’m looking for an Epson multi-function that I saw on your web site.
FS Guy: You want to know the price?
Me: No, I know the price, I want the machine. It’s marked down from $99 to $59.
FS Guy: [points to $250 machine] Is this it?
Me: Um, no. $59.
FS Guy: I guess we don’t have that one.
Me: Yes, you do. I checked online, and you have it at this location. That’s why I’m here.
FS Guy: [turning around and practically tripping on actual model] Is this it?
Me: Yes! Thanks.
FS Guy: [as I pick up my own box, and as box underneath falls on my foot] … [walks away]
The weirdest part? He didn’t try to sell me an extended warranty. Not even a little bit. Which was a little disappointing, because I had my whole tirade ready.

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  1. Ah, where to start with horrible Future Shop stories!! I am amazed they are in business. The chain formerly known as Radio Shack (now Le Cirque de Sourcity or something) is also another retail nightmare. I swear if I bought bubble gum from them they would push the extended warranty on me. Best of luck with teaching turtles in the new semester.

  2. I agree with Chris. I actually had a FS worker get mad at me because I yelled for someone to help me after I had spent almost twenty minutes trying to get someone’s attention. Whatever happened to the days when a store actually wanted your money for goods? Sheesh. That being said, if I worked at FS I would probably be the same type of worker I make fun of so I guess I am once again on the fence.

  3. First of all – Lyle! A comment! Yay!!
    The extended warranty is a pet peeve of many, many people. The problem is, the sales staff are told to push it. When I sold shoes (once upon a time in a former life, before I realized that I did not want a career in retail), the store put pressure on the salespeople to push purses and “cosmetics” (i.e., shoe polish, leather protector, etc.). We actually had to report our sales by category, and if we were low in an area, we heard about it.
    Still, poo on the extended warranty policy. 😛

  4. FS employees are paid minimum plus commissions. Therefore, they patrol for big ticket customers. The commission is 10% of the difference between sale price and 1.1 times store cost. They get a larger commission on the warranties (%40 I think) so they push them.You, with your $60 item, are not worth their while. On the bright side, my bosses son works at FS so I can get stuff at 1.1 times store cost, a real bonus when Paula’s birthday is just around the corner.

  5. That is one of the drawbacks of haveing your personel work for commision. The $48.00 a day in min wage does not cut it.

  6. I think Future Shop uses the term “future” in the same sense that movies like Blade Runner and The Matrix use the term. It’s a dark dystopic cautionary tale vision of the future filled the ironic juxataposition of good prices and really horrible service.

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