And I quote:

“Dear Ms. McDonnell:
Although we were not able to offer you any courses in the current semester, we are pleased to inform you that we have put your name on our list of teachers whom we would like to hire in the future. Please continue to apply to postings, and we will contact you when we have courses to offer.”

Yes, to paraphrase Sally Field, Dawson likes me! They really like me!
Of course, I’m still a little peeved at the month of feeling useless, talentless and depressed while I waited for the letter that arrived yesterday.

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  1. Ah, my fantasy of teaching in CEGEP wouldn’t be so easy after all! I thought the great baby-boomer die off was going to free up loads of positions?

  2. It was, but apparently the Boomers have discovered the dangers of trans fats and are collectively getting all healthy. 😛
    There are positions to be had, and tenure is really just a matter of waiting a few years – my coordinator reiterated just how much they (Vanier) want me to stay. The winter semester, however, is always questionable. I subbed today, I have grammar workshops to teach, and there’s a temp post at Abbott I’m considering. And I have an ROE from Vanier, so I can always spend a semester as a ward of the state and collect EI (or UI, as it was once more aptly known).
    Come teach with me, Chris! You’re in danger of becoming permanently Ontarian!!

  3. *Sigh* You are probably right that I have been permanently taken over by the “dark province”. Brantford’s seductive offering of cheap housing and baysitting has me in its grasp!
    On the flip side, since my current employer may fire me any day, you never know. I just can’t imagine what I could teach anymore?? History of voicemail?
    Definitely go out to Abbott if you can! Abbott rules!

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