Yesterday was my second anniversary. Two years, no smoking. To make this occasion even sweeter, I have actually managed to shed the weight I gained when I quit.
Not bad for someone with no willpower to speak of. I think I’ll go shopping to celebrate 😉

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  1. Different topic entirely: Remember last year I sent you a photo of the thousands of African daisies in full bloom in our yard? This year, thanks to four months with no rain, we have a grand total of three (3) plants, which made it thus far by germinating next to a wall.
    We’ll be your basic barren desert shortly.

  2. I’m truly sorry to hear that! Last year’s photo, while making me just a tad jealous, also cheered me up!
    Our winter weather this year has been and continues to be genuinely puzzling – today, for instance, we’re starting the day at +1 C (low 30s F), going up to about 5 or 6 C (low 40s) around midday, then down to -10 (mid-teens F)in the afternoon, and headed for close to -20 (about -5 F) overnight… so there are several warnings in effect, from freezing rain to flash freezing to hydroplaning.
    Can you irrigate?

  3. We can irrigate, but that would make us feel guilty for wasting precious water in the desert, so the mums and the rose bush get watered; everything else is survival of the fittest.
    But, we just had a nice sprinkle of rain!

  4. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! You have every right to be very proud of yourself! Now that you can actually taste foods, what are your favorites?

  5. Well, chocolate remains a permanent favourite, of course… The hubby and I are currently discovering the subtleties of nice wine – we’re very into Shirazs these days, and recently had a very nice Tempranillo. It is indeed nice to taste things, and smell things, not to mention breathe 😉

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