This is only a test

What do the following people have in common:
Carson Daly
Freddie Prinze
Cyndi Lauper
Meryl Streep
Lindsay Wagner
Todd Rundgren
Ed Bradley
Kris Kristofferson
Billy Wilder
John Dillinger
… and me?

6 Replies to “This is only a test”

  1. This one’s way too easy for me so I won’t give it away for anyone else reading the blog. However, I will say that “IMDB”ing these people should help you figure it out.

  2. Thank you all! On Tuesday night, Dr. T and I installed our new dishwasher – how’s that for a party?
    I had a lovely party in Lennoxville yesterday, part birthday and part farewell. There was lots of cake, which is always good. I’ve been showered with cards from the boys, e-cards from all and sundry, the second Rutles DVD from the man, etc., etc.
    Overall, this was a good birthday, even if it does mark my graduation to a whole new age demographic…

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