Memo to the weather people

Dude, WtF? It’s June, and it’s so cold that the cat is hunkered down behind the laptop for warmth.

3 Replies to “Memo to the weather people”

  1. Well come on down here. I get up at 4 am and run off surveying to beat the heat, which gets brutal by 1 pm, and the real heat isn’t here yet. This is when I enjoy the pool. I come home worn out and a few dunks later I feel better.
    Sadie, the rescued dog, generally won’t go for a walk with me in the yard in the afternoon; way too hot for her. Sierra runs out, takes a leak, and runs back in the house.

  2. Thankfully, we’re back to just about normal today – what was particularly galling about the cold spell was that it was immediately preceeded by an outrageously hot spell – 100 F with humidity – the week before. People were scrambling to buy AC units only to turn the heat back on this week!

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