Out of the mouths of babes

My nephew Simon, who is three and whose sister, Elizabeth, is pretty much brand new, asked his dad why Elizabeth has no penis. Zip told him that because Elizabeth is a girl, she has a vagina instead.
Simon, whose other auntie has just returned from the Far East, now thinks that if you’re a girl, you have a “China.”
As is, the Great Wall of China.
Company’s coming – get out the good china. It’s in the china cabinet.
This china’s been in the family for generations – it used to be my grandmother’s china…
Made in China.
You get the idea.

6 Replies to “Out of the mouths of babes”

  1. Years ago, my young daughter, about 4, was watching a documentary about the growth of a fetus. At some point it was obvious that this was a boy. Debby said, “Oh, daddy, look at his cute little fingers and penis.”

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