Here’s a gun, there’s your foot… GO!

Conservative MP Scott Reid resigned as the party’s official languages critic after saying bilingual services would be reduced if the Conservatives form the next government.”
Maybe Reid and Parizeau can reminisce over vodka tonics on the patio while the other politicians are busy campaigning.

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  1. Gotta love the Reform/Alliance/Conservatives. Everytime they make an attempt to appear moderate and tolerant, there’s an inevitable dissent within the ranks.
    Leader: “I want Canadians to know that we are party of inclusion, of openness, and tolerance.”
    Cowboy Hat-wearing MP in the back: “Except for queers and French guys!”
    Leader: (buries face in hands)
    Anyway, hey, you’re in Verdun. Any thoughts on who you want to vote for?

  2. Well, the tried and true Liberals – in my riding, represented by Liza Frulla – have my vote because of the various party platforms with regard to gun control and the pension plan. In other areas, like health care and defense, the Libs and the NDP are pretty much on the same page. Generally speaking, I’m not impressed by the Conservatives…
    Unfortunately, I’ve yet to be convinced that this isn’t just another “no alternative” election. The new united right does not strike me as Centrist enough to govern Canada without a Clarkesque implosion. The NDP – well, the NDP would serve us well as the lesser half of a minority government with a chastened (one hopes) Liberal party.
    Some one pointed out that if all those eligible voters who typically don’t vote got out and voted Green, Jim Harris would carry the day. Interesting idea.

  3. I figured as you’ve been in Verdun longer than me, you might have some inside dirt on who I’m voting for. You know, that Bloq guy eats kittens or something. 😉
    I’ve never voted PC and now that they’ve dropped the “Progressive” from their name, I have no reason to.
    I’m pretty sure I’m going to the NDP as I usually do. I’m pretty sure Frulla will be re-elected, though. A Liberal minority government working with the NDP? Not such a bad thing.

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