My four year old son is a cuddler. He loves to cuddle his mummy, his daddy, and just about any adult who sits still long enough. (We’re not talking complete strangers – just grownups he knows, friends and family and teachers.)
When do we get to that point where we can’t cuddle random people anymore?
We hug, we even, in my neck of the woods at least, do the one or two or three kisses to greet each other. We say tender things like “take care.” Some of us do arm touches. But somewhere along the line, we adults have decided that certain intimate gestures, such as cuddling or holding hands, are off-limits. Why?
What is it about hand-holding, for instance, that makes it so intimate that it can only be between couples? Is it simply a question of appearances? Or is there some underlying message that we’re not supposed to be sending to people with whom we’re not sexual? What is the fundamental difference between a hug and a snuggle? A kiss on the cheek and holding hands while walking through the park? Perhaps it’s the prolongation involved – a quick kiss is okay, but a lengthy cuddle is tabu.
Well, last night I wanted a cuddle, and I’m miles away from anyone it’s okay for me to cuddle. I demand a rule change!

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  1. I really miss the kiss on both cheeks we always give each other in Montreal. British people keep a polite distance and might offer a slight wave if they know you very well.

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