News you need… to look for

Today’s Gazette, front page, above the fold: 4-column pic of heartwarming mother-daughter-the-daughter-has-a-terminal-disease duo. Readers are directed to a different section of the paper for the actual story.
Below the fold, one column (which amounts to 3 sentences) is devoted to the story of a West Island doctor who is ‘considering’ banning the use of hospital resources for private, profitable plastic surgery.
The three remaining columns? How Canadian impersonators are responding to a new Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, on page A7, if you’ve read that far: Colin Powell admits that there might not be any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Page A7????

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  1. When I lived in Montreal, I always found the best place to look for international news in the Gazette was tucked in beside the obituaries. I actually missed a couple of real news items because they put them on the front page. (Well, why would you look there?)

  2. The sad thing is it’s our only option, in terms of a Montreal English Daily. My dad vehemently defends The Gazette, and would kill me if I cancelled my subscription – we have a duty to read it, if only to ensure its survival.
    Others have come and gone, and there are alternative weeklies and, of course, French dailies. Nationally, we have the G&M and the National Post – but frankly, the NP is as bad if not worse, and the G&M has always struck me as too much TO and not enough national.
    so, c’mon Bill – found, publish and sell a NEW English daily!! I’ll be your first subscriber.

  3. Was it just because of editorial belief in the innocence of Bush et al. or stupidity that they hid that news unobtrusively on page 7?

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