Equal time

Since a recent entry was devoted to the bon mots of my older son, I felt it necessary to point out that my younger son, Robert, is capable of reducing his parents to giggling fools, too.
Case in point: Dr. T and I have always tried to be very frank and open about body parts and their related functions (which has led to several inadvertent witticisms from Colin, but this is Robert’s entry). As anyone with small male children will attest, at some point all small boys discover the joys of their own penises. Robert is at that stage.
We have not told Robert that he can’t touch himself, only that his penis is a private part, and, as such, should (a) remain in his pants whenever possible and (b) be touched only when he’s alone.
The other day Robert was, um, occupying himself with his penis while I was putting away his laundry in the same room. So I said “don’t forget, Robert, that you should only touch your penis when there’s no one else around.”
Robert’s reply: “Ok, Mummy, you can go away now.”

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