I got a jo-ob, I got a jo-ob, da-da-da-da-da-da-da…

This fall, I will be teaching two courses at Champlain Lennoxville. Unfortunately, this means spending 13 weeks living away from home – but the good news is I’ll be racking up experience at the CEGEP level, and that gets me that much closer to a permanent position closer to home.
The time away won’t be so bad, either – my super-fantabulous mum-in-law has offered to come stay with my boys for the duration (she was planning a two-month visit around then, anyway, and this is really just an extension). I’ll be home for weekends, and one of the teachers in the department has a room to rent, so I won’t be stuck with a year-long lease or paying for weeks that I’m not in residence.
I’ll be teaching an intensive Prep. for College English class that incorporates the Intro to Lit course requirements into a “mise-a-niveau” course, aimed at bringing students up to an acceptable level of reading and writing. For many of these students, English is a second (or third) language, so the course will feature lots of grammar (yay…) and writing.
The second course is a basic Intro to Lit course, in which I’ll actually be able to teach real literature!!! Muahaha.
All told, I’ll be teaching 11 hours a week, which is one hour short of a full load. Happy happy joy joy 🙂