Yesterday was the graduation ceremony at ACCESS, where I’ve been teaching a computer class since February. Four of my students are graduating this term – from left, they are Sandee, Mary-Lynn, Krystal and Ashley.
Sandee was class valedictorian and Ashley won the Birks Gold Medal for best academic achievement. I’m so proud!! Sandee’s valedictory address was beautiful, and I’m sure her classmates have no regrets in choosing her to represent them.
These four, and my other students, are such bright, creative people. Right now they’re working on PowerPoint presentations (despite yesterday’s ceremony, classes continue to the end of this week). I’m really impressed with their ideas – everything from Family Trees and Greek Mythology to the Best of Saturday Night Live and Customized Mountain Bikes (not together, grand total of four presentations…)
I’ve learned a lot from my students – for instance, last night I learned that if you eat peanut butter and then vomit, it still sticks to the roof of your mouth. Thankfully, I did not learn this the hard way, but rather heard about it.
More a propos, I learned that I really do want to continue teaching, and if my students can be believed, I may actually be good at it. I will miss them all tremendously. Sniff, sniff.