Bite-sized brain bits*

I don’t think I have an single full-course post in me at the moment, but there are few tidbits I’m willing to share…
1. Further evidence of the suckage of Dell
Following my traumatic relationship with the sexy Dell laptop (I fell for its looks, but like most gorgeous creatures, it was fickle, unreliable, and ultimately a failure in the hard-drive area), I naturally ‘unsubscribed’ from the usual barrage of software update notifications, promotions, reminders, etc., etc.
I have now unsubscribed three times.
So on a weekly basis, at least, I get happy fuzzy e-mails from Dell.
Ok, I know that e-mail is relatively innocuous, but my Dell experience was bad (for “bad” read “unf&^%kingbelievably frustrating and stressful). I don’t want to hear from Dell. Stop calling me, dude. It’s over.
2. I can still see clearly now, although some details are apparently fuzzy
Four months, exactly, after my laser eye correction and I am still reveling in being able to see without glasses or contacts.
I was so pleased with my experience that I wrote the clinic and gushed a little. As a reward, they made me a patient mentor (as in a mentor to patients, not a mentor with patience). Ok, I’m fine with this idea, happy to talk to pre-surgery candidates about my experience, yada yada yada. Except they keep referring patients to me whose prescription and other details the clinic claims are like mine – and so far they are over 50 and wear bifocals.
3. I caved
I made the mistake of going to the welcome back to school corn roast and annual general meeting at (what is now only) Robert’s school – the school where I have been chairperson of the Governing Board for the past year, a position I was determined to give up.
Well, the real mistake was going to the meeting alone, without backup. Naturally, the principal cornered me, sweet-talked me, fed me roasted corn… I was helpless. So I’m back for another two years, albeit with promises to accommodate my schedule and stress levels. We’ll see. Stupid corn.
*the zombie snack of choice

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