Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of a good blog?

Ok, it’s been a while. Why? Well…
– school started. Technically, it had started when I last posted, but only just. Now it’s real, and I actually have to, like, work, and stuff.
– other school started, that is, the one in which I am a student. I’m in the last phase of the M.Ed. now, and again, this apparently demands effort and focus. Honestly, what was I thinking?
– other other school started, that is, the one for which I am designing an on-line course, etc., etc. (yes, there is a pattern here).
– Dr. T and I took an intensive SCUBA course, because we’re determined (read, I am determined, and he is tolerant) to go somewhere hot and sunny and beachy next month, without the boys, and for some reason I decided that this, too, had to be a learning experience. So we’re learning how to breathe underwater.
In preparation for this new venture, I have splurged on a new camera, a Canon G10, which came with an underwater housing so I can take pictures of blurry fins as the sea creatures flash past. While I wait for the hot sunny beachy place, I have, naturally, been trying this puppy out. Enjoy.

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  1. You forgot to mention the other other other other school – that you have to chair a Governing Board meeting for the kid’s elementary school tomorrow evening.

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