Robert’s instructions for taking care of your cat

Please note, spelling has been preserved to reflect the sheer genius of my offspring.
What you need:
two bowls
some cat food
a sink
a liter box
a colar
some tuna
When yor cat does something bad, give it an agry tone. When it does the opisote, pet it and/or give it some tuna or fish. Let it go out when it please. It will come back. When one of the bowls is emty, fill it up with either water or food. When the liter box no longer has liter, throw the poo out.

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  1. Regarding the genius of the spelling – it may help the reader to know that Robert is an excellent speller in French and has not been taught written English. He just writes without hesitation and his meaning is always clear. Yesterday morning he was telling us something and used the construction ‘in which’ instead of ending the sentence with a preposition. That’s what happens when you are an eight-year-old whose mother is an English teacher!

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