Life intimidates art

And so begins yet another “so sorry I haven’t posted for so long” post. Personally, I blame Facebook (along with work and children and the need for sleep). Once upon a time, when random thoughts crossed my mind, I would inflict them on you, dear reader. Now, I update my Facebook status, instead.
For instance, rather than posting a few paragraphs today on just how weird it is that the whole continent sits around on February 2nd waiting for a rodent, I simply updated my status to “Maggie hasn’t seen her shadow, but she’s pretty sure it’s around here somewhere.”
Also, it’s always interesting to write about oneself in the third person.
Anyway, to make a long story bulleted, this is what’s been going on, other than Facebook:
~ my three evening courses turned into three day courses, which is awesome;
~ because I have day courses instead of evening courses, my semester started a week earlier than anticipated, which is less awesome;
~ because I have day courses instead of evening courses, I get to eat supper at home with my family, and Dr. T. can continue his long journey to Carnegie Hall*;
~ I’m teaching an ‘advanced’ Intro course, which is awesome;
~ my picture** was in the paper, along with several direct quotes, none of which were completely out of context; again, awesome;
~ my car, the one that was, let’s face it, the deal of the century (and not just because we’re only a few years into the century), went to the big garage in the sky; anti-awesome.
Other than that, life around here these days is pretty much good – everyone (except the car) is healthy, I still love my job (particularly now that the initial panic of starting early has passed), and it’s February – groundhogs and stupid icy windy snowy weather notwithstanding, winter is zipping by.
I’m sure I’ll find something to rant about one of these days – after all, essay season’s looming.
*more on the Carnegie Hall thing another time, I promise
**unfortunately, the on-line version of the story does not feature the photo. But you should read it anyway.

2 Replies to “Life intimidates art”

  1. I was so happy to see you in the paper! How cool! However, I must be honest and admit how superficial I am. I said to D., “Did you see Maggie in the paper? Isn’t she thin?”

  2. …which matches my “hey, the shadows make it look like the chair and my butt are the same thing, dammit.”
    Also, I’m keeping the article for now because I much prefer my hair that way 😉

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