This land is your land…

So Robert, no doubt inspired by the on-going reasonable accommodation three-ring circus consultations, is drawing an elaborate map of a country he calls Peace. This is an interesting example of how Robert’s brain works – his older brother is obsessed with maps and all things logical, and naturally Robert wants to emulate his big brother, so he is drawing maps. On the other hand, Robert is a much more creative, fluid soul – so the main island of this “country” is a random shape divided into various “provinces,” each of which represents something that Robert thinks of as peaceful: babies, poppies, lullabies, rainbows, doves, and so on. Smaller islands, with bridges connecting everyone, represent world religions, because (regardless of the aforementioned reasonable accommodation utter fiasco consultations) we’ve tried to teach our boys that every religion we know promotes peace.
Now, to be fair, although the concepts are crystal clear, Robert’s spelling is filled with unintentional double-entendre – the country, for instance, is actually called “Piece.” Also, there’s an island of Muslins.

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