You can call me “guv”

Tonight was “meet the teacher” night at the boys’ school; naturally, as a teacher (not to mention an overeager student) I went prepared with a series of questions designed to (a) help me understand what my children would be learning, and how, and why, and (b) establish me in their teachers’ minds as ‘that annoying mum who keeps interrupting my presentation with endless questions about skills and assessments.’ Mission accomplished.
Before we even got to the teachers themselves, though, there was a general assembly of parents to elect the parent representatives to the Board of Governors. This is a group of parents, teachers and administrators that meets once a month to discuss pertinent issues and make decisions for the school on behalf of all the interested parties. I offered myself as a nominee because one administrator cornered me as we were assembling and said “we really want you.”
Okay, so I’m a sucker.
So, I raised my hand, and my name went up on the board, along with seven other parents, some of whom had previous Board experience, and another couple of newbies. Since there are only six parent reps, one of whom is already in place, we had to vote for the five available positions ~ which meant that all of us nominees had to campaign, in the sense that we had to say a few words to justify our nomination. So I mentioned that not only did I have two kids in the school, and that I had volunteered for a few other things in the past, but that I was a college teacher and was studying for an M.Ed., and could thus bring a unique perspective to the Board.
Apparently, that was enough to get me elected to the Board, and subsequently, the Board itself has appointed me as the alternate sector rep, which means that once a month I might be asked to go to yet another meeting, this time with parent reps from other schools in our area, if the actual rep can’t make it.
All of this means that I have a chance to get to know the inner workings of the school a little better, and can add my voice to issues that directly affect my children’s education.
More importantly, obviously, is the fact that people voted for me in a school election.
In your face, 1986 prom committee!!

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  1. I can just hear Colin and Robert in a couple of years (months?):
    “Mom! Everyone knows you now, and the teachers keep mentioning you in class. You are so embarrassing us.”

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