Explain the following, please:
~ when talking to a colleague on the phone, I noticed I used the Valley Girl “like” and was thereafter unable not to say “like.” I could hear it. It hurt my ears. Keep in mind that I am an English teacher. So is my, like, colleague. Ack.
~ my mobile phone plays MP3s, and it was my walking music device for the past winter and spring. Although it was set on “random,” it exhibited a definite preference for Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow and No Doubt. My new MP3 player, also set on random, with essentially the same selection of tracks, has yet to play anything from No Doubt, and very little Tom Petty, but played five Stones tracks in 45 minutes this afternoon.
~ fruit flies. Seriously. Where the F*^$% do these little bastards come from, and how to I get rid of them? My house is clean! But leave a glass of wine unattended for three minutes and there’s a black cloud of insects over it, apparently paying their last respects to the dozen or so of their compatriots who have thrown themselves into the deep red abyss.

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  1. We’re stuck in the fruit fly hell too. We have been told to make a trap with cider vinegar in a bottle with a piece of paper rolled up in a cone shape and inserted into the jar, pointy end down. It creates a trap for them and you can either set them free outside or let them drown in vinegar. I’ll take a guess as to which avenue you will take.
    Hope that helps. And my phone/MP3 player does the exact same thing.

  2. Fruit flies: this trap works like a charm. Put about 1/2 cup sherry, wine, juice or beer (sherry works best) in a small container like a ramekin. Stretch plastic wrap tightly over the top (use a rubber band if necessary.) Poke holes in plastic wrap. Fruit flies will crawl through holes to get sherry and then be trapped, eventually to drown. They come in on the fruit frm the supermarket; my place was full of them for a while, but the traps did their job.

  3. Okay, we tried the sherry in the ramekin last night and it works waaaay better than the idea I was given. Ah, the power of the web.

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