Vanity Hair

Gray hairs notwithstanding, I do not colour my hair because:
~ there are fewer gray hairs than one might expect, given my advanced age*;
~ the gray hairs that there are were well-earned;
~ colouring my hair would be an act of vanity;
~ colouring my hair would be an admission of concern about aging.
In other words, not colouring my hair is an act of vanity. Hmmm…
Really, I am just posting so you guys have a post on which to comment on this most special of days 😉
*I am aware that “advanced” is a relative concept. For those of you over 50, I am but a youngster. But believe me, as far as my students are concerned, I am decrepit.

5 Replies to “Vanity Hair”

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you – etc. Another 11 years or so and you’ll be colouring your hair!

  2. You mean you *no longer* colour your hair, do I need to remind you about the bleaching episode and the ronald mcdonald red?

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