Interresant, non?

It’s a good thing I am not paranoid.
This morning, I opened my browser and scrolled down my page for the weather forecast. Interestingly, the forecast was in French.
Which it was not yesterday.
If I were paranoid, I might have taken this linguistic switch as evidence of some kind of insidious Big Brother (or, perhaps more appropriately, Grand frere) plot to take over my web site, one element at a time.
Thankfully, I am not paranoid.
I clicked on the weather button, and sure enough, the French weather network site opened. From there, I went to the English site, and found the English code for the button, and added it to my template.
If I were paranoid, I might have been a little perturbed that there was (a) no indication that changes had been made to the code, and (b) an automatic redirection to the French site with the old code (which I added about a month ago, when the WN changed their old, old code, again, without notice or explanation, resulting in everyone’s favourite tiny red X in my sidebar, rather than the weather).
But I’m not paranoid.

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