Scary monsters

Yesterday we made our season passes to Laronde worth it with a second trip. In the last few months, Colin has become addicted to RollerCoaster Tycoon II, which is something like the Sims games, but based on Six Flags amusements parks (and the marketing genius of this boggles the mind). The last time we went, Colin said he wanted to ride the Monster, the huge wooden rollercoaster, and one of the few really big rides that he’s tall enough to ride. So we headed over to line up, but as soon as he got close and realized just how big the thing really is, he changed his mind. We went through a few “I want to ride it … never mind”s, and eventually decided that he’d try it ‘next time.’
Colin and I ride the Monster for the first ~ and last ~ time
To his credit, this time he did not waver, even during the 50-minute line-up (an experience richly enhanced by the frickin’ idiot who kept wrestling with his frickin’ idiot girlfriend, crashing into me no less than FOUR times). During the ride itself, he was too terrified to even scream; he just clung to the safety bar, a look of absolute terror on his face the whole time. When we got off the ride, we bought the photo as proof that this time, he did it.
Next time, the Boomerang!

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