Why hockey is hot

When it comes to hockey, I’m a fair-weather fan; furthermore, since Dr. T is not into blood sports, we tend not to watch. Last night, though, he was away for his usual Wednesday evening of Scrabble, and I was hosting my usual Wednesday card night, the participants in which are true hockey fans. So I tuned in to CBC just in time for the pre-game chatter, and am delighted to present the award for best out-of-context line to the following gem:

He’s got really soft hands, a great imagination, and a bit of a mean streak. He’s hard to handle.

My kind of guy.
Turns out the commentator was talking about some hockey player, but whatever. Regardless, however tempted I may have been to watch the rest of the series as a result of that line, I have decided I cannot watch the cup go to the Mouseketeers. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that someday soon, nos glorieux will rise again.

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