Hot town, almost summer in the city

This weekend was one of those that renews my love affair with this city – Montreal is home no matter what the weather, but when the skies are blue and the air is warm, the city sparkles and makes me fall in love all over again.
On Saturday, Colin and I hopped on the Metro and rode all the way to Laval, to check out the three new stations that make the upper island accessible to us downtowners.
Colin at Cartier
We stopped at Atwater on the way home and bought Colin a new spring jacket, and then had to have Dr. T. pick us up, as the Metro system was SNAFU, thanks to a fire at Lionel Groulx*.
We got home in plenty of time to get ready for our first official barbecue of the season, with T&I along for the experience – nothing says “summer” quite like barbecued burgers, skewered veggies, and a cool glass of rose. We’re choosing to attribute the fact that we ate inside to our ‘new’ dining room furniture, and not to the fact that it was still, really, too chilly to eat outside comfortably.
Yesterday was even more summery – Colin and I went for a bike ride, to see if the nearby ice cream stand was open for the season yet (it was), and explore a few trails we missed last year. Then, after lunch, we took both boys downtown for a haircut, then stopped at the sports equipment store and picked me up my first real pair of rollerblades. As soon as we got home, we all strapped on our blades, and sped (kind of) off to the ice cream place, and rewarded ourselves with the first cones of the season.
Yay presqu’summer!
*the Metro SNAFU was not part of the “why I love this city” theme ~ nor is the impending transit strike ~ but I choose to see such events as the bitter counterpoints required to enhance the sweetness of the good things. Yeah, that’s it.

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