Posting for Patra

So, apparently my loyal readers are desperate for new material. This must be how Bill Cosby feels.
Anyway, up here in the Great White North, when we have nothing to say but are compelled to speak nonetheless, we talk about… the weather.
OK, so, it’s like, March, right? Which means the weather is, like, messed up (I would say it’s f***ed up, but my mother reads this blog, y’know).
For instance – yesterday? Minus 24C, or minus-frikkin-38C with the windchill. For the sake of consistency, I duly provide the non-metric equivalents: -11F, and -36F.
On Friday, we got 34 cm of snow in one day. That’s more than a foot of snow. In one day.
Oh yes, March has definitely come in all liony.
Right now, it’s “only” -11C, or a balmy -22C with the windchill. So naturally, the forecast for Saturday is +5C. [a.k.a. 12F, -8F, and 41F respectively]
Of course, that’s the forecast according to the Weather Network. Environment Canada is calling for +9C [48F], while over at, they’re chilling out and calling for 0C [32F].
And you know what? None of this has anything to do with global climate change. This is just March in Montreal.
Stupid month.

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