Happiness is a dancing puppy

another semester put away
So the good news is that I submitted the last of my final grades this afternoon.
The bad news is that I cannot, technically, breathe, thanks to the cold my body has elected to spring upon me, now that I have time to be sick.
The middling news is that I officially have two back-up sections of continuing education for the winter semester. I won’t know my real fate until after registration in the second week of January.
In the meantime, however, I’ll be concentrating on holiday baking, cooking, catching up on laundy, and knitting a whackload of last-minute presents (and yes, “whackload” is indeed the collective noun for last-minute presents)…
…Oh, and researching and writing a literature review for my M.Ed. course…
…and blowing my nose.
Stupid sinuses.

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  1. Sorry about the cold, but you’ll be pleased to hear that your name was mentioned today at the JAC staff breakfast. The cohort members present decided that you had probably already submitted your literature review (you have that reputation for being first at everything) and I was able to tell them that I’d read your blog and you were procrastinating like the rest of us. Merry Christmas.

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