Explain my brain (if you can)

Last night, the dream involved a prolonged, alcohol-infused visit to my vet.
Anyone who’s met my vet will understand when I say this dream needs no interpretation. Several women I know own cats primarily as an excuse to go to this vet.
Lest you find the recurring theme of ‘what I dreamt last night’ less than exciting, I ask you to ponder this: I never remember my dreams. Brain people insist that I do dream, so I’ll accept that. But typically, I wake up every morning, completely oblivious to whatever wild imaginings my subconscious has been using to entertaining itself (unless it involves almost-sex with celebrities – those I remember).
For the last few nights, though, I dream and remember. There was the scary drowning in Ontario dream, the weird pooping kangaroo dream, and now the party with the vet dream.
So why, oh wise and knowing readers, do these ones stick?

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  1. D’uh…
    Dreams are your subconscious’ way of thinking about or working through things that occur in your day. Your dream about the drowning car business was so obvious I am stunned you even had to ponder it…The one about the Kangaroo clearly has something to do with someone or something in your life not doing what you want, (a student, one of the kids, Dr.T, mum?) And this latest one is probably connected in some way, although I would need more details in order to correctly diagnose what’s going on there.
    Anyways the reason you are remembering these dreams is because your subconscious is trying to work through something for you that you conscious mind is blocking. When you have silly, mindless dreams about bumblebees in your sandwich or never-ending laundry you don’t remember them because you don’t need to. Your brain just needed to cleanse itself of those thoughts or “put them to bed” so to speak.
    The fact that you are having these vivid dreams and that you are remembering them means something; they are all connected and you should solve whatever it is that is plaguing your subconscious. (my guess is that you have something about work/school that you feel you are not in control of, but it could be anything).
    Think to yourself: what does a Kangaroo represent for you (a bad trip to the Zoo, a perfectly reasonable hatred of Crocodile Dundee, Winnie the Pooh?). How drunk were you at the Vet’s office? What else about that visit sticks out? There should be something else there, or maybe the key is the Vet…
    Thank Damnit!

  2. I also rarely remember dreams. Usually only when I’m woken up right in the middle of one by my alarm (which it sounds like you might be doing, busy lady). Then I started remembering them every morning while on vacation a couple weeks ago and somebody suggested that there’s a relationship between being relaxed and remembering your dreams. So my answer to you: you are remembering your dreams because you are either a) so busy that you regularly have to wake up in the middle of them or b) so relaxed that your subconscious and conscious brains are starting to reconnect. Polar opposites, I know, but the mind works in funny ways…

  3. A few months ago, I had first one series of dreams which I shared with our as-needed family counselor. A pattern of emotional content evolved, and we talked through that. Then the follow-up dream sequence began. At first, I could see no correlation, but one developed, again pointing to related emotional content. I will spare you the details.
    I realize various schools of thought exist related to dream interpretation, but these were not the dreams of a mind merely cleaning up clutter; I had some real work to do. Our counselor stressed that in these types of dreams, the predominant emotions were most important, while the details were mere window dressing.
    Good luck!

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